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21 January 2006 @ 05:19 am
Taken from Marriage Mania: What's Your Deadline?

"The biological clock still factors into why many young women want to race down the aisle. Fixated on having her first child by age 30, 23-year-old Sarah Branch, an art director in Seattle, simultaneously signed up with five different online personals sites. With over three million people engaging in Internet dating each month, 75 percent of which are seeking a permanent relationship, Sarah has a lot of company. While she hasn't found love yet, her goal is to meet at least 10 men a month. "Lots of times it's a chore to drag myself to the date. Truthfully, I'd rather be with a friend or alone than hook up with another stranger. But then the image of baby booties pops into my mind, and I'm out the door.""

Sarah, meet sperm bank. Sarah, meet your own wallet. Am I the only woman who has the urge to slap this type of woman upside the head?
Her Sunshine Child: Jheregrocza on February 2nd, 2006 10:36 am (UTC)
Guess I'm in the majority here... I think that it's really common for kids that age to have conceptions of when things need to be "done" by, and our medical community has been very heavily pushing the idea that women NEED to have their first child by 30.

While Sarah could certainly do a sperm bank, chances are she wants more than that, and baby booties are a semiotic shortcut that actually means she wants a loving relationship, supportive partner, and family - not that she just wants a child.

Also, it doesn't sound like she's just looking for any guy that will do - but that she's actually trying to force herself to go out and meet guys. I say good on her; I'm going on two years of being single after my divorce, and I know how hard it is to meet folks. I think it will literally take throwing myself out there like that in order to do so, and it's just not something I have the stamina or confidence for.

Most people I know who've had firm life goals around marriage and children, so long as they actually marry someone they love and not because it's at a set time, have very happy lives - they've figured out what it is they want that will make them happy, and they set out to get it and now have it.

It's the ones who do things ONLY by date that get to me. I don't get that vibe from what was quoted here (granted, I'm trying to go to bed, so I didn't read the entire article). Only that another woman has listened to the medical advice being pushed at women, and is making decisions based on it, and what that advice entails in a holistic fashion.
Her Sunshine Childrocza on February 2nd, 2006 10:36 am (UTC)
Er, minority here. Sigh.